Nutrition4Balance was born from my own personal journey to optimal health and wellbeing.

After years of living with chronic fatigue syndrome, and an out of balance feeling, I needed a change in my life and was determined to find a better way.

My journey has expanded by exploring the magical world of nutrition. As BSc in Natural Medicine, Certificated Nutritional Counsellor (C.N.C.) and Certificated Herbalist in Natural Medicine (C.H.N.M.), Chemical Engineer, and a passionate runner, I’ve dedicated my life to the pursuit of wellbeing.

My mission is to help people take control of how they feel every day, to live their best life, with a focus on the role nutrition plays in overall mind and body wellness.

My program will teach you how to:

  • balance your blood sugar
  • fix hormonal imbalances that sabotage your weight loss efforts and cause fatigue.
  • maximize your health and lead you to long-term life harmony.

Instead of making a lot of huge changes at once and making foods off limits, we try to slowly add in healthier options, including an abundance of delicious foods.

I’ll teach you how you can create a healthy habit without entirely restricting yourself from something you enjoy. With time, you’ll see the progress you are achieving, and you will WANT to achieve more.

This program is for anyone who’s ever tried to find balance between food and life.

It’s for people who have tried dieting without permanent success, and those who are caught up in the toxic cycle of frustration and emotional eating.

It’s also for people who try their best, but fail to see a difference. This is not just another diet, it’s a lifestyle makeover.

My goal is to empower you to live your life fully and feel your best.


what client say about us

No one ever said halthy meals can’t be prepared on delicious ways, and my friend Tatjana shows me how to make that happen!
Sandra M.


Tatjana is very nice, knowledgeable, and helpful in every way. I learned to listen my body,  enjoy food more and eat much better. Great coaching!!!
Mira C.


Ich habe den 3 Monate-Plan getestet und war sehr zufrieden. Tolle Rezepte, Portionen die auch wirklich satt machen und Gerichte, die sehr einfach zuzubereiten sind.
Maria S.


Being able to fit into smaller clothes puts a smile on my face.
Katarina M.